About the Webinar Series

The WHO Collaborating Center for training and research in Newborn Care at AIIMS (WHO-CC) launched a series of webinars in May 2018 to support sharing and learning among healthcare teams in the region.

We are especially focusing on the following countries – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Srilanka, Timor Leste. Frontline health workers – doctors, nurses, midwives, allied health staff are all encouraged to attend.

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Listed below are registration links for upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars.

Upcoming Webinars
Date of Webinar Topic Registration Link
Webinar #6 – 23rd August 2018 
3:00 pm IST
Improving Partograph Use Enter your email address to be updated about this webinar
Webinar #7
23rd August 2018 
3:00 pm IST
“Plotting a safe delivery. Nurses improving partograph use at a hospital in Bhutan” https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_wuw3Qr87Ria2UUVvMFFGvA
Webinar #8 TBD  
Webinar #9 TBD  
Webinar #10 TBD  
Webinar #11 TBD  
Webinar #12 TBD  
Recordings and slides from previous webinars:
Date of Webinar Topic Webinar Recording & Slides
Webinar #1 – 17th May 2018 “Improving the quality of maternal, newborn and child health in the WHO SEARO region” Due to some technical reasons the first 10 minutes of the webinar recording have been cut off. Please refer to the slide deck for the initial slides.
  Learn about available resources and support for healthcare teams in their quality improvement efforts. Video: Webinar WHO-CC AIIMS SEARO 17 May 2018.mp4
Slides: Webinar WHO-CC AIIMS SEARO 17 May 2018.pdf
Webinar #2 – 31st May 2018 “Getting started with your quality improvement project” Video: webinar 2 of 31st May 2018 webinar.mp4
Slides: Webinar 2 QI Step 1 31 May 2018 pdf
Webinar #3 – 3rd August 2018 “Improving the Quality of Essential Newborn Care in Myanmar: The journey from one hospital to many.” Video: Webinar 3 of 3rd August 2018
Slides: Webinar Myanmar ENC QI 3rd August 2018 pdf
Webinar #4th- 14th August 2018 Bhutan: Improving discharge process for admitted neonates” Video: Webinar 4 of 14th August 2018
Slides: Webinar Bhutan improving discharge neonates (11 am POCQI Webiner_final PDF)
Webinar #5: Thursday, 30th August 2018
3:00 pm IST (Update)
“The easier, the better”. Improving hand washing among parent-attendants entering the NICU in a Family Centered Care Model.” Video: Webinar 5 of 30th August, 2018
Slides: Webinar Improving Hand Hygiene
Webinar #6 – Friday, 12th October 2018  “A healthy start” An NICU team in Sri Lanka improves breastfeeding practices” Video:
Webinar #7 TBD  
Webinar #8 TBD  
Webinar #9 TBD  
Webinar #10 TBD  
Webinar #11 TBD  
Webinar #12 TBD  

We hope this series of webinars will help build the momentum and capacity of healthcare teams and stakeholders in the region to improve the quality of maternal, newborn and child health services.