Nepal organized a Point of Care Quality Improvement Workshop in September 2018. Participating hospital teams took up several QI projects to improve MNCH care.
S.No. Facility Name Aim Statement Status
1 Pokhra Academy of Health Sciences Improve early initiation of breastfeeding (within 1 hr of delivery) in normal vaginal delivery from ?60% to 80% in 6 weeks (Starting 1st Oct) Ongoing
2 Bharatpur Hospital Increase the % of newborn babies receiving Vit K inj from ?20% to 90% in 2 months Ongoing
3 Surkhet Hospital Improve immediate skin to skin contact (atleast 30 mins) in the labour room from 60% to 90% in 8 weeks Ongoing
4 Janakpur Hospital To increase the % of women with NVD in labour room receiving oxytocin inj within 1 min after delivery in two months from ?20% to 90% Ongoing
5 Sethi Zonal Hospital To increase the % of eligible babies receiving KMC in PNC / SNCU from ?50% to 80% in 2 months Ongoing
6 Koshi Zonal Hospital To increase the % of women receiving inj. Oxytocin after C/S delivery from 20%-50% within 6 wks Ongoing